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Elegance Theme Navigation – done

The navigation settings in a theme control how the website menu is displayed and organized. Click – “Select menu type” dropdown – select from If you select “Normal Menu” from the navigation settings, it will display a standard horizontal menu in the header or footer of your website. If you . . . Read more

Elegance Theme Search-done

Search Only The “Search Only” setting controls whether the search bar in the website header will only display search results, or if it will also display suggested products, collections, or pages as the user types in their query. Choose from options that you want to display in search results

Elegance Theme Layout

Customizer > Theme Settings > Layout Select from two Layout styles Boxed Layout A boxed layout has a fixed width and the content is contained within a box, with margins on either side. Fluid Layout A fluid layout has a flexible width and adjusts to the size of the browser . . . Read more

Elegance Theme Accelerated Checkout

To enable accelerated checkout navigate to Store Dashboard > Settings > Payments Tab(left panel) > Enable a third party payment option(requires financial details) & add ‘Additional payment methods’

Elegance Theme Variant Images

To enable Variant Images in  ‘Single Product Section’ slider, navigate to Store Dashboard > Products > (Your Product) > Variants Tab > Edit Variant > Options Tab to add Variant Featured Image

Elegance Theme Mega Menu

Customizer > Theme Settings > Navigation to enable “Mega Menus”, select menu type as Mega Menu Mega Menus need to be added as blocks in “Page Sections” > Header New “Mega Menu” needs to be assigned to related Nav Menu Link, for example: if I wanted to assign the new . . . Read more

Color Swatches

Adding color variant :  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel. 2. From the Shopify admin dashboard, click on the “Settings” tab located at the bottom left. 3. In the Settings section, click on the “Custom Data” tab. 4. Under the Custom Data tab, click on the “Variants” section. . . . Read more