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Blog-Craft Theme

  1. Click “dropdown bar” from the mid-top of the dashboard
  2. Scroll and click “blog” 
  3. If you haven’t created the blog template yet, click “Create template”
  4. Click “default blog” if the template is created 

After you’ve selected “Default blog” you will check for customization in the left sidebar. The left sidebar will contain the “Header” and “Mega Menu” along with the “Footer” and “Popover section” — for all the pages in your online storefront. 

For customizing your “blog page,” you need to click on “Featured articles”

Featured articles section comes with the “Heading label” text field, where you can add a headline to the blog block. 

Featured articles – Add articles 

You can add up to 6 articles to be displayed as your “Featured articles.”

  1. Click “add articles” to create the article block 
  2. Click “article”
  3. Click “select article”
  4. Select article to be featured on the homepage from the displayed option or search for the same from the “search section” 
  5. Click select

**If there aren’t any articles displayed or searchable, click on “create article” 

You can add multiple elements below the “Featured Articles” section — from “Instagram social feed,” “Slideshow,” “Brand list” to “videos.” Simply click “Add section” to add the elements.

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