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Customizing the Slideshow was not difficult right? 

But, creating ‘blog posts’ are a little tougher than creating a slideshow. 

Well, it has two steps you need to finish before actually customizing the blog. 

  1. Writing a blog 
  2. Uploading the blog to your online store site 

Now, 1 is easy but 2 is a bit difficult. You need to go back to the online store page where you had uploaded the theme. Under the themes option, there is the ‘Blog Post’ tab. Click on the tab and you will come to the complete blog post page. 

Once on this page, you can click on the ‘Add Blog Post’ option where you can add the blog post.

Here you need to add the title, the content, the excerpt, and the search engine listing preview. You can also make sure if the blog is visible or not. Adding an image generally helps customers connect with the post. 

When the blog is done you need to add the ‘Organization’ details – like the author’s name, the category of the blog, and the tags like ‘new product’ or ‘company details’.

Once this is done, save the post, and it’s ready for your page. Now, go back to the ‘Customize’ page and click on ‘Blog Posts.’ 

You can add the Heading Label, Sub-Heading Label, and Select the Blog. 

You can also increase the number of posts from 1 to 4. 

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