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Brand list with content

The “Brand list” allows you to add logos of brands that you want to highlight in your storefront. 

Customize the “brand list” with spacing from top padding to bottom, background color and font color by the following:

Spacing from top 

To change the spacing above the padding block, click on the “pixel” dropdown to choose how much space you want. You can select from 0px – 100px

Spacing from bottom 

Select the “pixel” dropdown to choose how much space you want in the space from the bottom of the block. You can select from 0px – 100px

Background color 

If you want an additional color ting over your banner image and text, select from the color picker or add Hex, (RGB) color code as per your choice. 

Font color 

Select the “font color” of text supporting the brand logos. 

You can add individual logo and brand content in the brand list banner. You can add up to 5 media elements in this brand list block: 

  1. Click “Add Media” 
  2. Upload image of the brand or logo by clicking “Select image” 
  3. Add supporting brand text in the “brand text” section

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