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Announcement Bar – Elegance Theme

Under the “Header Style” tab is the “Announcement Bar.” 

Customize the “Announcement bar” by clicking on it. The options are divided into the following categories:

  1. Global Options
  2. Homepage Options 
  3. Announcement Single Line 
  4. Announcement Multi Line 

Global Options 

Under the “Global Options” you can choose to enable or disable the “Announcement bar” 

Click on “Show announcement bar” to enable the “Announcement bar” in the header of your blog page. 

Click on “Show close button” to add a “close button” on your “announcement bar” for your users to choose whether to view the announcement or not. 

Background color 

Customize the background color of your announcement bar by clicking on the color picker or adding your own color code. 

Text color 

Select “text color” of the text that you will add in the announcement bar, same as the process in selecting the background color. 

Background image

Click on “Select image” to choose an image from either “free images” or upload an image from your system by clicking on “Upload” and complete the process by clicking on “select.” 

Homepage Options 

Under the”Home Page Options” you can customize the announcement style and text alignment. 

Choose announcement style 

  • Single text: If you select “Single text” you will only be able to have one line of text reflecting in the announcement bar
  • Multiple text: If you choose the “multiple text” option, you can have more than one line of text in the announcement bar

If you click on the “make it default on all pages” option, the style you’ve selected will remain the same on all pages. 

Text alignment 

The “Text alignment” option is for opting to keep the “text” on the announcement bar at the center, left, or right side of the bar. 

You can select from the following options:

  • Left 
  • Center 
  • Right

Announcement Single Line 

Under the “Announcement Single Line” option, you can add the “text” that you want to reflect on your announcement bar, link text, link and “multiple text lines” if you choose “multiple text” option from the “Choose announcement style” option. 

Announcement text 

This is the text field where you add the “text” or announcement copy you want in your announcement bar. Add the content in the “Announcement text” text field. 

Link text 

“Link text” is the text field that will act as a CTA button. Add the “Call to action” text in the “Link text” field. 


Click on the “Link” bar to select a page from your storefront that you want your customers to get redirected to when they click on the “Link text” reflecting next to the “Announcement text” 

Announcement Multi Line 

If you have selected the “Multiple Text” option, you can add up to 4 lines of texts as your “Announcement text” on the Announcement bar. 

You can add the texts in “Announcement multi line 1” — “Announcement multi line 2” — “Announcement multi line 3” — “Announcement multi line 4”

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