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The “Brand list” allows you to add logos of brands that you want to highlight in your storefront. 

Click on “Brand list” to customize the section with the number of “brand logos” you want to add, heading and overall styling. 

When you click on “Brand list” you will see “Heading label” 

Heading label 

Add your headline text in the “heading label” text field. 

Brands in a row 

In the “Brands in a row” you can use the scroller to define the number of brand logos you want to display in the brand list block. You can add up to 4 brands. 

If you want the “brand logos” to appear with automated scrolling, you need to click on “Enable carousel” which is done here. 

Adding brand logos to the “Brand List” 

You can add individual logo and brand content in the brand list banner. You can add up to 4 media elements in this brand list block:

  1. Click “Add logo” to upload the brand logo 
  2. Click “Add Media” 
  3. Upload an image of the brand or logo by clicking “Select image” 
  4. Add URL of the brand in the “Link” field 

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