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Collection List

The next section added is the “Collection list” which will appear below the “Brand list” block. 

You can add up to 4 “collections” to be displayed on the “Collection list” block. Click “Add collection” 

Customize “Collection list” by clicking on the “Collection list” tab and you can edit:

Heading label 

Add the headline that you want on the collection list block in the “Heading label” text field. 


Add the description supporting the heading label in the “Description” text field. 

Button Text 

“Button Text” is the “CTA button” that will be displayed under each collection. Add the Call to Action or CTA text in the “Button Text” text field. We have added “Explore Collection” 

Button Link

Add the link to the collection in the “Button link” text field. 

Theme settings

Choose a layout of your choice from the following options:

Boxed layout

Fluid layout

Enable animation – You can choose to disable or enable the animations’ transition when you navigate from one page to another 

Customize each selected “collection” by clicking on the individual collection. 

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