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The color section is divided into Text Color, Buttons, Form Fields, and Review options:

In the Text Color, you can edit the Menu Color, the Header Font Color, the Body Text, and the Error Text.

Choose the color you want for each making sure it is similar to your brand.

In the buttons section, you can change the color of Primary Button, Primary Button Text Color, Secondary Button, Secondary Button Text Color, White Button, Button Border, Slider Arrow Color, Slider Arrow Background Color, Page Link Color, Page Link Hover Color, Scroll Bar Color, and Review Text Color.

Just like the text color, you can click on the button type and change the colors according to what you want. But unlike text color, for button colors, you need to choose bright, bold colors that are visible as soon as a customer clicks on your page. 

In the Form Fields option, you can change the color of the text, the borders, background, and theme color of the Forms to be filled out by customers.

Finally, in the Review option, you can change the review colors to match your brand theme. 

Let’s move onto the next customization, 

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