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Header – Elegance theme

You can customize header style and content by changing options and the design will be different. You can add a promo bar, top bar, dropdown menu for your main menu in the header section. 

Click the “Header style” tab to customize the design style of the header. You have two style options to choose from:

  1. Left aligned logo: Click “left-aligned logo” option to keep the logo on the left hand side in the header section, aligned with the main menu and below social media icons
  2. Center aligned logo: Click “center aligned logo” option to keep the logo at the center of the header with the main menu below it

Click on the “Theme Setting” drop-down menu to add social media icons, upload logo, menu type, search options and others. 

Once you click on “Theme Setting” drop down you can edit and customize the following:

  1. Enable animation – You can choose to disable or enable the animations’ transition when you navigate from one page to another 
  2. Add the social media account links to the respective social media text fields
  3. Upload logo in the header – Click on “Select image” (Upload dark shade logo, in recommended size of 400px x 140px in either gif, jpg or png format)
  4. On add to cart button click – Click on “Show cart drawer” to display on header or select “Redirect to cart page” if you want customers to redirect to the cart page 
  5. Select menu type – If you want a single dropdown option in the menu in the header section, select “Normal Menu” and if you want show dropdown menu in a grand visual and elaborate way, then select “Mega Menu” option from the “Select menu type” section 
  6. Search only – Add pages that you can become searchable by your customers through the search icon by clicking on the dropdown menu from the “search only” section. You can choose to make products searchable by selecting “Products” from the dropdown and similarly options like, “Products, articles and pages.” “Products and pages,” “Products and articles.” 

Click on Header Style from the top to go back to the home page editing panel. 

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