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  • Logo Header :

    Uploading a Logo for Header from Theme Settings:
    (Logo must be .svg or .png file)

Navigate to Theme Settings: Inside the customizer, you’ll find a list of customization options on the left-hand side. Look for or click on the “Logo” section. Select Logo option.

Upload Logo for Header: Under the logo settings, you’ll likely find an option for the header logo. Click on the “Logo Header” to upload the logo for header. 

Save Changes and Preview: Once you’re satisfied with the header logo setup, click the “Save” button to save your changes and preview. 

  • Header Menu :

Header Customization:

Choose Header Styles:

Select between “Center aligned logo” or “Left aligned logo” for the placement of your store’s logo in the header.

Top Bar Active (checkbox):

Enable this option if you want to include a top bar section for social icons and a language translator.

Currency Wrapper Background Color:

Set the background color for the currency wrapper in the header.

Select Menu for Navigation:

Choose the specific menu that you want to use for navigation in your store.

Menu Link Colors:

Define the colors for the links in the menu.

Mega Menu Blocks:

Within the header, you can add blocks to the mega menu. These blocks may contain various types of content like images, collections, or articles.

Mega Menu Customization:

Assign Mega Menu to a Menu Item:

For each menu item, you can choose to enable the mega menu. Options include “First,” “Second,” “Third,” etc.

Menu Label:

Specify the label for the menu item that will trigger the mega menu when hovered over.

Mega Settings:

Configure settings related to the mega menu.

Featured Collection:

Select a collection to feature in the mega menu.

Menu Image:

Upload images that you want to include in the mega menu.

Menu Image Link:

Define the link or destination for the images in the mega menu.

Block Type:

Choose between “Collection” or “Article” for the content you want to display in a particular block of the mega menu.

Mega Menu Collection:

If you select “Collection” as the block type, choose the specific collection you want to feature.

Mega Menu Article:

If you select “Article” as the block type, choose the specific article you want to feature.

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