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Menu within a menu is called a Mega Menu. With the Mega Menu, you can have a large dropdown menu within a menu on the header section. The Mega Menu through dropdown, displays multiple options and features to customers, making it easier for them to access many pages in your online storefront. 

We have 2 Mega Menus — Mega Menu 1 and Mega Menu 2

Mega Menu 1 

You can add a ‘parent menu’ from your collection to the Mega Menu 1 that will have the dropdown menu and customize it further. To do so, click on “Mega menu 1” tab to enter the editing option, where you can edit and customize the following:

Mega Menu – under it will be the option of adding “collection” that you want to reflect in the Mega Menu 1 

Parent Menu 

Add the name of the collection in the “Parent Menu” text field. We have a “Men” collection added in the Mega Menu 1. 

Mega Settings 

Main navigation

Under the “Main navigation” option, click on “Select menu” to choose the page or element you want as your “mega menu 1”. You can remove or change the chosen one by clicking on the “Change” dropdown menu. 

Menu image 

Add the image for Mega Menu 1 by clicking on “Select image” under the “Menu image” 

Image link

Image link is the page link that represents the “Mega Menu 1” image. Click on the “image link” bar to add the link. 


Block is the origin of the Mega Menu 1 — if you have chosen from the “Collection” click on “Collection”, if it is an article or post, select “Article” 

Mega Menu 2 

Mega Menu 2 customization and editing is the same as Mega Menu 1 above. 

You can now start adding sections that you want to display or be functional on your homepage by clicking on “Add section”

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