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Popover – Elegance Theme

You can add a Discount popover from the Popover section. 

You can enable the Popover settings and the Appearance settings. You can also show the popover based on the user session or once per page. 

For the Appearance animation, you can choose for the normal Fade-in or the Fade-in from top or bottom. 

You can choose the Popover position – center or left bottom or right bottom. 

For the Popover properties, you can choose based on the time or scroll-position. You can select the seconds for the time-based position and the page scroll percentage to show the popover. 

You also need to show the pages where you want the popover to appear. In the ‘Pages where pop-over will appear’ section add the names of the pages with a comma. You could also highlight the Collections where you want the popover to appear. 

If you do not mention any specific page then the popover will appear on all the pages of the theme. 

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