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Product Page -Elegance Theme

If you want to edit the individual product pages you can select the ‘Product’ option from the ‘Theme Settings’. 

You can enable or disable the ‘Instant Add to Cart’ option.

You can also add swatch options to the product page. Either by enabling swatches that are updated by the theme automatically (click on ‘View documentation link’ for a detailed explanation) or by using uploaded images instead of HTML colors. But to upload your own images you need to make sure you follow the rule stated.

You can also change the add to cart display style by showing ‘Show on Hover’ or ‘Always show’ options.

For out-of-stock items, you can also hide them. 

The ‘Product Details Tabs’ section consists of two tabs for titles and descriptions each. As you can see in the image below, tab titles can be altered in the ‘Tab title’ bar and description of the same tab can be put down under ‘Tab Description’.

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