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Slideshow – Elegance theme

In the Slideshow you can add content – images or video by clicking on the ‘add content’ button and choosing from the options. 

For images you can choose the Height, alignment, navigation arrows, and progress animation in the ‘Settings’ option. 

The Height can be selected based on the size of the image required – small, medium, large, full-height. 

You can also select the alignment of the image from the dropdown. 

If you want to show the navigation arrows or the progress animation, then you need to tick the boxes.

To edit the images in the slides, click on the image after uploading. 

You can change, edit or remove the images as per requirement. You can also choose the overlay capacity and the color based on your theme. You can also choose the slider text alignment – right, left, or center. 

For the Heading – you can choose the heading label and the color.

In the button section, you can choose the button text, button background color, button link and button text color to connect with your brand. 

If you have only 1 button you do not need to add the details in the Second button option. It will automatically remove the button.  

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