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The Typography section of ‘Theme Settings’ controls the font style and size of Headings and Body Text throughout your site.

For instance, you can change the font of the H1 type Header from the variety of font-family after clicking on the ‘change’ button under ‘Font’ of Heading – H1.

You can also edit the Heading font size from 20 px to 60 px by drag and drop of the progress bar.

You can also customize the font style and sizes of H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

You can choose from a number of fonts already available in the theme: 

And you also need to choose the type – Regular, Bold, Italics, semi bold, etc

You can change the font style and type of the Body Text in a similar manner.

But the only difference is that the base size for the Body Text starts from 10px to 20 px. 

Next up is the color scheme of the site.

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