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The next section is “Video” which will come under the “Blog” block. Click on “Video” to customize and edit the “Video” section. 

You can customize the following in the “Video” section:

Cover image

Click “Select image” to choose “cover image” of your video. (Cover image will show on top of the video. 3840 x 1000px recommended) 

Overlay Opacity 

You can choose to increase the overlay color from light to dark overlay with the “Overlay opacity” range. 

The higher the percentage, the darker the banner overlay color will be, and vice-v-versa with a lower percentage. 50% is the ideal opacity percentage. Change the percentage by using the scrollbar. 

Overlay color 

If you want an additional color ting over your banner image and text, select from the color picker or add Hex, (RGB) color code as per your choice. 

Sub-heading label 

The sub-heading appears above the headline of the video image, in a smaller font size. Add the preferred sub-headline text in the “Sub-heading label” text field. 

Video headline label 

Add a clear headline text, which is used for attracting customers – in the “Video headline label” text field. 

Play button text 

Since this is a video section, the CTA button is designed with a play button icon. Add the Call to action text in the “Play button text” field. We have used “Video video” as the CTA. 

Text block alignment 

The “Text blog alignment” is for the placement of the “sub-heading label” “video headline label” and “Play button text” on the video banner block. You can choose the elements to appear either on the left, right or center on the block by selecting from:

Text blog alignment 

  1. Left
  2. Right
  3. Center 

Image alignment 

Image alignment will allow you to align the image top to bottom. Whichever option you choose, it will make your image appear as per it. 

Image alignment options you can select from the dropdown menu:

  1. Top left
  2. Top center 
  3. Top right 
  4. Middle left 
  5. Middle center 
  6. Middle right 
  7. Bottom left 
  8. Bottom center 
  9. Bottom right 

For example, if you choose “top left,” the “top” portion of your image will appear in the block. And if you select “bottom right” the entire image will appear and so on. 

Video link 

Add the link source of the video that will play when users will click on the “play button” in the “video link” field. You can either add a Vimeo link or a YouTube video link. 

Video Height 

Change the height of the “video” block by selecting from the following four pixel options:

  1. Small 500px
  2. Medium 650px
  3. Large 750px
  4. Full height 

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