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Announcement Bar- Luxury Theme

An Announcement bar is used for displaying offers, discounts, and other promotions. You can customize these welcome header bars under the ‘Announcement Bar’ tab. 

Now you can enable the announcement bar on the homepage and choose to show the cross icon on the announcement bar. 

You can make the announcement bar visible in all pages of the website by checking the “Make it default for all pages” checkbox.

Under the background image, you can select the image you want to add on the announcement bar and customize the background color and text color of the same by picking the color from the color picker.

The “Text alignment” option is for opting to keep the “text” on the announcement bar at the center, left, or right side of the bar. 

You can select from the following options:

  • Left 
  • Center 
  • Right

In the same manner, you need to add the announcement text and the link text that will appear on your Announcement bar. Also you need to paste the link in the respective text fields.

Announcement collection

This section would let you make the announcement bar visible only on the collections you choose. Here you can make changes in the content of the announcement bar of the collections.

Pick collections of your choice from the “Select collection” button on which you want the announcement bars to appear.

Add the announcement text, shop link text, and shop link in the input fields.

Align the text of the announcement bar in the center, right or left side of the bar. Select it from the dropdown menu.

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