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Collection list – Luxury theme

The next section added is the “Collection list” which will appear below the “Slideshow”.

Customize “Collection list” by clicking on the “Collection list” tab and you can edit:

Heading label 

Add the headline that you want on the collection list block in the “Heading label” text field. 

Collections in a row

Drag and drop the number of collections you want in a row. The minimum number you can keep is two and the maximum number of collections you can keep is four.

Now click on the Theme settings, here you can make the collection title visible over the image of the collection or it can me made visible under the image. Click on any one of the two options provided. 

Add Collection by clicking on the blue plus sign given just below the collection list tab and customize each selected “collection” by clicking on the individual collection. 

Now, select collections and its respective images individually for each collections. You can also create a new collection if you don’t want the existing one by clicking on the “create collection” link.

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