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Getting customers to click on your popover means that they are interested in your products and want to know more about your latest addition to the site. 

Here, when we click on ‘Add discount popover’ we get to see the following settings:

As we can see above, if we click on the discount popover, a form appears where we can customize the popover as per our wish.

Now, discount popover gets enabled if we check the first checkbox under the ‘Popover Status’.

In the section ‘Show Popover’ under the appearance settings, we need to choose if the popover should appear once per user session or it should appear multiple times per session, as we move to different pages of the website. 

Likewise, we can choose animation, popover position, and desired template from the drop-down menus under ‘Appearance animation’, ‘Popover position’, and ‘Choose template’ tabs respectively.

Similarly, if we want to add an image, we can do so by uploading an image under the ‘Upload image’ tab. Likewise, discount titlediscount, button text, and button link can be allotted under the given text fields.

Next, we have popover properties, here we have two options:

  1.          Time based
  2.          User page scroll position

If required we can select any or both the options at the same time.

Here, if we check the ‘Time based’ checkbox, we need to select after how many seconds we want the popover to appear from the drop-down menu, under ‘Pop up is showing after’ tab.

And when we enable the ‘User page scroll position’, we need to drag and drop the progress bar under ‘Scroll position’ which represents the percentage of scrolling required to make the popover appear.

Now, under pages to show, the page names need to be mentioned to make the popover appear on the specifically mentioned pages.

In the same manner, to show the popover on certain collections, we need to mention the collection names under ‘collections to show’.

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