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Video – Luxury Theme

This section will help you share your brand story with your existing and prospective customers by adding a video to your store.

You need to select a cover image you want to add to the video. The cover image will be visible on top of the video. The recommended image size is 3840 x 1000px.

Image alignment will allow you to align the image top to bottom. Image alignment options you can select from the dropdown menu:

  1. Top left
  2. Top center 
  3. Top right  
  4. Middle left 
  5. Middle center 
  6. Middle right 
  7. Bottom left 
  8. Bottom center 
  9. Bottom right 

Now provide the video link you want to display on your store. This section accepts YouTube as well as Vimeo links.  

Determine the video height by selecting one from the given options below:

1. Small 500px
2. Medium 650px
3. Large 750px
4. Full height

Drag and drop the progress bar to determine the slider overlay opacity and then pick any color of your choice from the color picker to determine the slider overlay color.

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