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Month: February 2022

Blog Page – Elegance Theme

For adding information like Author Info, Blog post category, and Reading Time, you need to select the ‘Blog Page’ option from ‘Theme Setting’. You also need to make sure that you have selected the ‘Blog Page’ category to make sure you can check the edits. You can now select or . . . Read more

Brand List

The “Brand list” allows you to add logos of brands that you want to highlight in your storefront.  Click on “Brand list” to customize the section with the number of “brand logos” you want to add, heading and overall styling.  When you click on “Brand list” you will see “Heading . . . Read more

Announcement Bar – Elegance Theme

Under the “Header Style” tab is the “Announcement Bar.”  Customize the “Announcement bar” by clicking on it. The options are divided into the following categories: Global Options  Under the “Global Options” you can choose to enable or disable the “Announcement bar”  Click on “Show announcement bar” to enable the “Announcement . . . Read more