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When you hover on the product images in the Collection Page then you can see the ‘heart’ icon. This icon represents the wishlist button.  Clicking on the button will add the product to the customer’s wishlist. All the products that are saved in the wishlist can be viewed on the . . . Read more

Video – Luxury Theme

This section will help you share your brand story with your existing and prospective customers by adding a video to your store. You need to select a cover image you want to add to the video. The cover image will be visible on top of the video. The recommended image size is 3840 x 1000px. . . . Read more

Uploading A Theme

Uploading a theme is not rocket science. You need to now customize the theme – to make sure it matches your product and brand ideology.  So, let’s jump into the customization part of your theme: Let’s figure out the ‘Sections’ part first:  This tab has your basics, like:  Let’s start . . . Read more

The Slideshow – Luxury Theme

A slideshow is a collection of your best products or images that you want to keep at the top to attract first-time visitors to your site. In the theme, once you click on the slideshow link, you will get the settings: Here you can choose the Slider height, the image alignment, whether . . . Read more

Testimonial – Luxury theme

In the “Testimonial” section, you can add up to 12 customer testimonials as slides. Click on “Add slide” to add the testimonial.  Select individual testimonial slides to customize it with customer reviews. Select image (recommended size of the image is 200 x 200px), write the author name and his review respectively.  Click on “ Testimonial” to add headline . . . Read more

Social Feeds

In this block, you can add two Social Feeds – Instagram and Twitter. For Instagram settings, you need to provide a heading, the link, and the button text. You can also edit the button text and background color.   Choose the number of photos you want to display (3,4,6 or 8) . . . Read more

Quick View

When your potential customers visit your site, they might want to get a sneak-peak to the products you have visible on your home page. This is where the Quick Shop tab comes in. With the Quick Shop tab, your customers can actually check out the product without having to visit the product page. You . . . Read more

Popover – Luxury Theme

Getting customers to click on your popover means that they are interested in your products and want to know more about your latest addition to the site.  Here, when we click on ‘Add discount popover’ we get to see the following settings: As we can see above, if we click on the discount . . . Read more

Page transition-Luxury Theme

When choosing the background color you also need to keep the opacity level in mind. The Body Overlay feature helps choose the opacity level for your entire store. Click on the ‘Theme Settings’ feature in your theme store and click on ‘Page transition’. Here you can choose the opacity level . . . Read more