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Month: February 2022

Video Banner

To determine the space at the top and bottom of the video, select your desirable pixels from the dropdown menus under the ‘Space top’ and the ‘Space bottom’ tabs. You can change, edit or remove an image of your choice under Placeholder image. For the overlay color, choose a color . . . Read more

Contact page section

Under settings, add your contact page title and location title.  There are three variants of block height, they are: Small – 350 px Medium – 400 px Large –  450 px Determine the block height by choosing one from the dropdown menu given just below it.  You can change, edit . . . Read more

About page section

To determine the space at the top and bottom of the ‘About’ section, select your desirable pixels from the dropdown menus under the ‘Space top’ and the ‘Space bottom’ tabs. Put your small heading and big heading in the respective tabs given. Similarly, put the text to be added in the . . . Read more

Checkout – Crafts-Theme

For the Checkout page options, you can edit the Banner, logo, main content area, order summary, typography, and colors.  You can change the banner background image and upload selected images. The recommendation for image update is 1000 x 400 px.  You can customize the logo by adding a new image, edit positions, . . . Read more


Spacing from top  Click on the “pixel” dropdown to choose how much space you want in the padding. You can select from 0px – 100px Spacing from bottom Spacing from the bottom is also like spacing from top — you can customize the padding space below the banner from 0px . . . Read more

Home collection

You can feature groups of collection by adding the Collection grid section. You can customize the spacing, width, visual appearances and collections per row. The collection grid section displays your collections using spacing and margins with collection titles displayed below its image.  Customize the spacing from top and bottom of . . . Read more

Home feature product-Crafts

The “featured products” section displays two rows and four products per row. You can customize and adjust the sliders to expand the section for accommodating a maximum of four products in each row.  Each row for “featured products” comes with customization options: Type: Type is the style you want your . . . Read more

Text Block

You can add a “text block” in the homepage of your storefront, where you can add at least three “text blocks” accompanied by heading label and paragraph content in each text block.  To add a text block: You can customize the padding space and background color of the hero “text . . . Read more

Checkout page – Crafts-dev

Choose the checkout page option from the drop-down on the top. (image)  You can choose the banner header image for the checkout page. (image)  You can also add the logo, select the position of the logo (left, center, right), and the logo size (small, medium, large) For the main content area, . . . Read more

Blog Posts – Crafts Theme

Customizing the Slideshow was not difficult right?  But, creating ‘blog posts’ are a little tougher than creating a slideshow.  Well, it has two steps you need to finish before actually customizing the blog.  Now, 1 is easy but 2 is a bit difficult. You need to go back to the . . . Read more